Eblockwatch Mandela Day “Ambush”

Eblockwatch Mandela Day “Ambush” kick starts Eblockwatch’s bold Alex initiative. In the hopes of establishing a more structured security network in the Alexandra community, eblockwatch started a projected called the Alexandra Patrollers over a decade ago. The nature of the support took the form of “please call me” or SMS’ sent by the patrollers when a resident was in trouble or under threat and there would be a response by Snyman’s team with security reaction. These...  read more

AI Surveillance Success Story

“Now that I am working with Vumacam, there is a distinct difference between life before and life after the arrival of Vumacam. Where Vumacam really filled the gap was in two instances: the exceptional uptime of the feed and the quality of the footage. Having been in the surveillance sector for some time, I can say with confidence that before Vumacam, footage was always missing. Often this was not for any sinister reason, but because...  read more

CAP success with Vumacam

LPR ALERT IN GLENHAZEL LEADS TO APPREHENSION OF VEHICLE LINKED TO CRIME! “At 18h19 on Wednesday evening CAP received an alert for a white Renault panel van that was spotted by a Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) camera on Johannesburg Road. The alert detailed that the vehicle was wanted for serious crimes in 2019. Tactical Officers were dispatched immediately to search for the vehicle. At 18h22 our Command Centre received a second LPR alert, for the same vehicle,...  read more

MAIL&GUARDIAN: SA’s suburban camera creep tests privacy

A thousand private surveillance cameras have been rolled out in Johannesburg. They watch every person and car that moves near them. If their algorithms pick up something strange — such as a licence plate known to be linked to crimes — the security companies that rent the data can react. Vumacam, one of the companies responsible, says a total of 16 000 cameras will be in place in the next 12 months. Thanks to their security abilities, the...  read more

RANDBURG SUN: Cameras for your safety

The UFOs have landed. Numerous poles with strange grey pods have popped up on street corners all over the city, leaving many wondering exactly what their purpose is. Well, in case you haven’t heard, these new poles are for Vumacam, and it aims to revolutionise the way security operates in Joburg. Security cameras will be attached underneath each pod and will allow private security companies to monitor them via Vumatel’s fibre network. Right now, the operation is...  read more

FCF secures massive Vumacam CCTV rollout

No one needs reminding of the crime challenges we face in our nation in general and in Johannesburg in particular. Our communities need, and deserve, the very best that can be provided to ensure a safer environment for all. As crime evolves, so too should crime combatting solutions with the help of advanced technology. Vumacam is proud to join forces and partner with Future City Fourways (FCF) whose Anti-Grime Anti-Crime vision is on track to become the...  read more

CARTE BLANCHE: Vumacam – Big Brother or Guardian Angel?

Amid spiking crime rates, tech platform Vumacam’s installation of CCTV cameras across Johannesburg – with a view to extending coverage nationwide – has encountered mixed reaction about the ethics involved. Symptomatic of the need for greater safety, the Carte Blanche presenter and crew were held at gunpoint and robbed while filming this insert. So while Vumacam raises the spectre of Big Brother looming, we ask how willing South Africans may be to trade privacy for...  read more

ENCA: New CCTV crime prevention initiative begins

According to recent crime statistics, 625 houses were burgled in the year under review but the fight against this crime just got a major boost. JOHANNESBURG - The installation of CCTV cameras in the suburbs have been labelled as a possible game-changer in the fight against crime. Last year's crime stats show that Gauteng is the leading province in terms of reported robberies, and is in the top two when it comes to burglaries in residential areas. According to...  read more