MY BROADBAND: How Vumacam’s CCTV system works

Vumatel unveiled its CCTV platform Vumacam this week, which it hopes will help make South Africa’s streets and neighbourhoods safer. The Vumacam system is initially only available in Johannesburg, and currently consists of 889 cameras covering 48 suburbs. There are 917 camera poles installed around the city, however, which when fully populated will hold over 3,000 cameras. The video feeds from Vumacam’s CCTV system are then made available to security companies for a monthly fee, depending how many cameras they...  read more

BUSINESS INSIDER: These joburg suburbs are getting 15000 cctv cameras

Vumacam, a subsidiary of fibre infrastructure company Vumatel, is installing 15,000 high-definition CCTV cameras in Joburg suburbs. The cameras are connected to Vumatel's fibre network, and the live feeds are sold to security companies. Bryanston, Craighall and Greenside among others already have street cameras that pick up to 480 car registration plates per minute. The suburb of Dunkeld saw a 90% drop in crime since the addition of CCTV cameras, according to Vumacam.  Some 15,000...  read more

TECH CENTRAL: Vumatel to blanket Joburg in CCTV camera’s

Have you wondered about the camera poles popping up in suburbs across Johannesburg and who’s building them? The mystery has been solved: Vumatel subsidiary Vumacam is responsible — it is building a citywide CCTV network offering ultra-high-definition video feeds to security companies and ultimately law-enforcement agencies. Vumacam is utilising Vumatel’s fibre network infrastructure in the city to connect the cameras, more than 900 which have already been deployed (capable of carrying 3 000 CCTV cameras). It plans to...  read more

MY BROADBAND: Vumacam – Vumatel’s CCTV system to keep South Africa safe

Vumatel has unveiled Vumacam, a CCTV solution which it hopes will make South Africa a safer place. After Vumatel launched its fibre network in Johannesburg several years ago, it noticed an increasing demand for CCTV installations in neighbourhoods where it had a presence. This inspired Vumatel to assess the viability of launching a CCTV system for communities – an initiative which gained momentum after Vumatel acquired Fibrehoods, which had access to CCTV technology and experience. The Vumacam system is...  read more

STUFF: Meet Vumacam Vumatel’s smart security play for Joburgs suburbs

Fibre infrastructure company Vumatel has announced it’s in the process of rolling out thousands of smart CCTV cameras around Johannesburg’s suburbs via a subsidiary called Vumacam. It plans to deploy up to 15,000 cameras around the city, capable of capturing ultra-high-definition footage the company then plans to sell to security companies. The project is a joint venture between Vumatel and Imfezeko Holdings and has rolled out to over 900 poles (each of which can house multiple cameras) to date. Licence...  read more

A sharp focus on surveillance

Security cameras were once just that: cameras that captured video of the area in front of them. The images were murky and muddy. However, the high-tech boom has come to CCTV, and security companies will want to leap aboard the train Everyday experts in the private security industry are working on ways to make our lives safer so that we can spend less time looking over our shoulder. One company is leading the charge, CCTV Infrastructure provider...  read more

CCTV: Security or just scary

While some South Africans feel that CCTV surveillance borders on Big Brother, the country’s shocking crime statistics indicate that the eyes-everywhere approach may prove to be our guardian angel It’s an incredibly topical and heated debate across the globe – should we have surveillance cameras in public spaces? While some argue that they’re an invasion of privacy and can be used for nefarious reasons, such as governments spying on us, ask many South Africans, and they say...  read more

One nation under CCTV

By James Temperton The UK is one of the most surveilled nations in the world. An estimated 5.9 million CCTV cameras keep watch over our every move, but the volume of footage creates a problem: when the police or security services need to actually analyse it, things move very slowly. Despite the proliferation of CCTV, technology for handling the petabytes of data collected is still little more than human eyeballs and lots of patience. That might be...  read more