Vumacam Alert helps police apprehend vehicle stolen in 2013

As the Vumacam network grows, the interception and recovery of vehicles of interest (VOI) connected to various criminal activities is increasing. Earlier today, 14th of April 2020 at 13:47 the AI Surveillance Control Centre received an alert from the Vumacam LPR System on the corner of Barnato Street and Tudhope Avenue, Johannesburg for a wanted vehicle. The vehicle was quickly identified as a white Toyota Corolla whose owner reported it as stolen in 2013. The JMPD undercover unit was immediately dispatched as soon as the LPR alert came in. The vehicle was on the move and was eventually picked up and blocked along Louis Botha Avenue. One suspect was apprehended and taken to Yeoville SAPS for further questioning Says Ricky [...]read more

Vumacam Alerts Help SAPS Arrest Sandton Cell Phone Thieves

Cell phone thieves that have been terrorising the Sandton area for some time, were arrested in less than 20 hours after a lookout alert was issued by the Sandton CPF. AI Surveillance (AIS), who oversee CCTV security monitoring in the Sandton and Doornfontein area received the lookout alert from the Sandton CPF at 13:17 on the 6th April. As the request was accompanied by a case number the vehicle information was loaded onto the AIS Vehicle of Interest (VOI) Database. Later the same day in Doornfontein, at 17:48 the Vumacam LPR system generated an alert from the cameras at End Street and Rocky Street for the wanted vehicle. The vehicle, however, left the area only minutes before SAPS or JMPD […]

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AI Surveillance Success Story

“Now that I am working with Vumacam, there is a distinct difference between life before and life after the arrival of Vumacam. Where Vumacam really filled the gap was in two instances: the exceptional uptime of the feed and the quality of the footage. Having been in the surveillance sector for some time, I can say with confidence that before Vumacam, footage was always missing. Often this was not for any sinister reason, but because cameras were down and no one would know about this until they needed footage. Prior to Vumacam, I experienced regular instances where the connectivity was always poor; the  service would go down and we would have to wait for ‘someone’ to fix it. What the […]

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