Vumacam Alert helps police apprehend vehicle stolen in 2013

As the Vumacam network grows, the interception and recovery of vehicles of interest (VOI) connected to various criminal activities is increasing. Earlier today, 14th of April 2020 at 13:47 the AI Surveillance Control Centre received an alert from the Vumacam LPR System on the corner of Barnato Street and Tudhope Avenue, Johannesburg for a wanted vehicle. The vehicle was quickly identified as a white Toyota Corolla whose owner reported it as stolen in 2013. The JMPD undercover unit was immediately dispatched as soon as the LPR alert came in. The vehicle was on the move and was eventually picked up and blocked along Louis Botha Avenue. One suspect was apprehended and taken to Yeoville SAPS for further questioning Says Ricky [...]read more

Vumacam Alerts Help SAPS Arrest Sandton Cell Phone Thieves

Cell phone thieves that have been terrorising the Sandton area for some time, were arrested in less than 20 hours after a lookout alert was issued by the Sandton CPF. AI Surveillance (AIS), who oversee CCTV security monitoring in the Sandton and Doornfontein area received the lookout alert from the Sandton CPF at 13:17 on the 6th April. As the request was accompanied by a case number the vehicle information was loaded onto the AIS Vehicle of Interest (VOI) Database. Later the same day in Doornfontein, at 17:48 the Vumacam LPR system generated an alert from the cameras at End Street and Rocky Street for the wanted vehicle. The vehicle, however, left the area only minutes before SAPS or JMPD […]

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SECURITY FOCUS AFRICA: Vumacam welcomes Gauteng Premier David Makhura’s crime-fighting initiative unveiled in his 2020 State of the Province Address

Gauteng Premier David Makhura delivered his 2020 State of the Province Address at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in Ga-Rankuwa on Tuesday where he highlighted bold initiatives to combat crime in the province. “We will increase levels of collaboration between government and business in crime prevention, drawing on the recent successes of the Eyes and Ears Project.” “We will set up a state-of-the-art Provincial Integrated Command Centre where public law enforcement agencies and private security companies will share resources and crime-fighting technological capabilities. “This centre will, amongst other initiatives, integrate all cameras installed in malls, CBDs and on the roads to track down criminals. This will integrate the use of drones and other cutting-edge technologies.” The Eyes and Ears Project […]

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Vumacams Help Arrest Murder, Robbery and Fraud Suspects

Over the period of only one week, CCTV alerts from Vumacams into the AI Surveillance control room lead to the arrest of 7 suspects wanted in three separate cases of murder, fraud and robbery. A murder suspect was in fact arrested only minutes after shooting 3 bystanders, killing one innocent victim at the scene and critically injuring two others. Vumacams were also instrumental in assisting with the interception and arrest of a suspect wanted for fraud and in another incident, 5 suspects wanted for business robberies in Edenvale and Clearwater Mall were handed over to the SAPS. Rob Nichol CEO AI Surveillance expands, “Our company is one of Vumacam’s clients who makes use of the smart network infrastructure. These alerts […]

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MY BROADBAND: Vumacam – The plan to cover Soweto in fibre and security cameras

Vumacam has outlined its plan to roll out its security camera network in Soweto, Johannesburg. The Vumatel-owned security company uses its parent company’s fibre network to deploy public street cameras which combat crime in partnership with SAPS and private security. Each Vumacam has a unique internet protocol (IP) address, and vetted security companies can access the feed in their particular area to help provide alerts for their reaction vehicles. Both License Plate Recognition (LPR) and overview cameras are installed on Vumacam’s street poles. LPR cameras capture each licence plate they see and reference it against the vehicle-of-interest database, checking if it has been involved in any criminal activity. The overview cameras are alerted to suspicious events using behaviour analytics software named iSentry, […]

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MY BROADBAND: Vumacam – Grey domes on street poles across Joburg – The latest crime-fighting tools

If you have driven around Johannesburg recently, you might have noticed a significant number of grey domes mounted on poles around the city. Some of these installations have cameras mounted below them, while others do not. Additionally, some of these poles are branded while others are devoid of signage. These fixtures are security installations deployed by Vumacam, Vumatel’s connected camera security division, which aims to crack down on crime in Johannesburg by effectively tracking vehicles and helping security companies to facilitate arrests. Vumacam saw the proliferation of fibre networks in Johannesburg as an opportunity to address the problem of crime in the city, using Vumatel’s existing broadband infrastructure to deliver a reliable and efficiently-managed surveillance system. “The cameras have most […]

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The Facts Regarding the Integrated Smart Camera Network

3 December 2019, Johannesburg. Vumacam clarifies misinformation circulating via various platforms and media outlets regarding the Vumacam integrated smart camera network. Vumacam does not have facial recognition technology enabled in its street cameras, does not profile, and the organisation takes data security and privacy seriously. WHAT IS THE VUMACAM INTEGRATED SMART CAMERA NETWORK? Vumacam has built the infrastructure to host an integrated smart camera network to assist with crime fighting initiatives across the city of Johannesburg. “We acknowledge that the country is grappling with a crime pandemic and are confident that our integrated network of street CCTV cameras will go a long way to tackle crime. Not only as a deterrent but also to effectively apprehend perpetrators and do our [...]read more

Unusual Event Alert in Action

Take a look at the following real incident which was caught on private space cameras recently in Johannesburg. These private space cameras were erected in a high cellphone theft area utilising the same behavioural analytics software programme used by Vumacam clients. In this instance, the unusual behaviour alert was noted. Should the Vumacams in the area have been fully live and connected, the following scenario would have taken place: Due to the number of muggings and thefts on this street, the software will analyse all movement/imagery on the perimeter of the building. The system will then generate alerts based on unusual behaviour. These will either be dismissed by a system rule or delivered to an operator in real-time to dismiss or escalate.  The [...]read more

Vumacam Not In the Business of Tracking Movements

Vumacam does not track movements or any particular person. We do not keep a record of personal or private information that would allow us to identify the identity of any person captured by the Vumacams, nor are our cameras making use of any facial recognition software. This makes it impossible to “track” movements and link personal data to people. While all number plates passing a camera are captured, only if this plate is present on a database of known vehicles of interest (for instance the SAPS Unicode database of stolen and wanted vehicles) will an alert be generated to the security company. Once they receive this alert, they are able to access the image.  The users in the security company […]

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City Power update

Dear Resident/Customer, CITY POWER UPDATE Following on from our previous communication regarding the letter of demand City Power served to Vumacam, we have formally replied to this letter to say that we have a difference of opinion relating to the legal issues raised. It is important to let you know that we have also subsequently met with the Chief Executive Officer of City Power, Mr Lerato Setshedi, and his team, in a very constructive spirit to work on solving the matters related to the supply of power to the camera poles. Both parties have agreed to reserve their differing legal interpretations of the relevant legislation and regulations concerning the matter, pending the work of the duly appointed, joint technical, legal [...]read more