Tech Central: Inside the fast-changing world of CCTV, with Vumacam and Ava Security

27th May 2021

Personal security is a topic of interest for all South Africans. In this podcast, a panel of guests from Ava Security and Vumacam explore the convergence of video, predictive analytics and human interaction to fight crime.

Gavin Hill, CIO of Vumacam, explains that large-scale CCTV deployments are complex IT challenges that involve connectivity, bandwidth and storage.

Vumacam CEO Ricky Croock said this overarching web of information forms a glue that can connect private sector security companies and public policing to catch criminals.

Ava Security co-founder and head of engineering Sam Lancia touches on advancements in artificial intelligence and how these can extend the reach of a security operator from a centralised point. With more than 120 000 hours of video being produced every day by Vumacam, human reviews simply cannot keep pace. Traditional analytics needs to be enhanced by modern technology, Lancia said.

With the continuously falling price of storage, better connectivity and massive strides in AI, the predictive security space is an area to watch with interest.


Source: Tech Central