Vumacam Not In the Business of Tracking Movements

25th September 2019 ,

Vumacam does not track movements or any particular person. We do not keep a record of personal or private information that would allow us to identify the identity of any person captured by the Vumacams, nor are our cameras making use of any facial recognition software. This makes it impossible to “track” movements and link personal data to people.

While all number plates passing a camera are captured, only if this plate is present on a database of known vehicles of interest (for instance the SAPS Unicode database of stolen and wanted vehicles) will an alert be generated to the security company. Once they receive this alert, they are able to access the image.  The users in the security company are authenticated through our firewalled network, in real-time. Whilst the security company is able to rewind, fast forward and playback footage, they are unable to download and store the footage. Licence plate numbers are not tracked unless they are involved in a verified incident.

Vumacam provides open access Video Management as a Service. Vumacam sells access to video feed to vetted companies who enter into a contract to abide by the terms and conditions which govern the acceptable use, processing and legitimate interest requirements. 

Ricky Croock, CEO of Vumacam, cautions against scammers who may be using Vumacam as an easy scapegoat to deflect searching for their whereabouts and how they may have obtained the information: “Shopping centres, in particular, make use of similar technology and they control access to their video feed themselves. No individual, no matter what they claim, will have access to Vumacam’s feed. Only verified entities, companies, and only once they have entered into a contract with Vumacam.  

A company will engage with Vumacam, and if successfully vetted, enter into a contract, which includes an agreement to be periodically audited by an independent external company to ensure adherence to the terms.”